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They are Winning.

– My Take  –

I say often that I am ashamed to be a part of a society so weak and so stupid.  Look at this picture of the Nun being searched.  In case you you haven’t seen it, check out the video of the little 6 year old being searched.   How disgraceful is our own government; strip searching its own citizens so that Islam will not be offended by being profiled!

Let’s understand this.  Every day of the week all segments of American society are profiled by every police station in the country.  Tall people, fat people, black people, white people, oriental people, old, young, handicapped, male, female, etc.

But when it comes to Muslims, an identified and indisputable threat, they are exempt?   What kind of suicidal jackass would ever even go public with such an asinine policy?     The ‘American leadership’,  that’s who.    The obvious problem is that they are not American and they are definitely not leaders.    This Twilight Zone Episode has gone on way too long.



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