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The War for Civilization

–  My Take  –

Yes they are winning.  We go to Iraq and Afghanistan and we kill a few.  For everyone we kill, their wives give birth to 10 more.

Does anyone with half a brain cell think that we can win this war this way?   Let’s make it very simple.   Anyone think that they can rid their house of cockroaches by killing a few of them as they run across the floor?

[1]And like the  fabled cockroaches, Islam has survived 1400 years [2] because every time they run across the room, we step on them and think that’s it.   No one in the history of Islam has thought to exterminate this infestation once and for all. If you want to remove the cockroaches using pest control service then visit to powerpestcontrol [3] website.

As any good exterminator will tell you, you have to find the nest and eliminate it and then you have to protect  your house so that they can not return to breed again.

And so it is with Islam.   Only in Islam the nest is much easier to find .  It is right there.  It is not hidden.  In fact it’s location is proudly publicized by Muslims all over the world.   And any attempt to rid this nest, even symbolically, creates outrage around the world by Muslims.  Like any insect or rodent, their most important duty is to protect the nest.

But the Good Guys obviously either don’t want to rid their homes of this nest or they are so tolerant that they feel even cockroaches deserve a life, in their home.  The only other possible reason to allow life threatening insects to dwell in your house is that the Good Guys are so very stupid that they do not even realize that they will be killed, even though they have seen it happen to their neighbors and others all around the world ad infinitum.   It’s hard to believe any of these reasons.   So let’s just say that we are living in The Twilight Zone for now and hope that soon this ridiculous and embarrassing episode will be over.

Back to the cockroaches.

So what is the solution to once and for all exterminate this subhuman infestation on civilized society?

First, we must come to terms with reality.   America, the West and indeed all civilized society is at war for a it’s very survival.  We are war for the Judeo-Christian values that produced the world’s greatest and most generous nation in the history of  mankind.   We are at war for ourselves and for all future generations.   We are at war for the freedom and the decency of the human race.   We are at war with an enemy that might as well have come from another planet.

We are at war with Islam.

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.

~ Ann Coulter, “This is War” – Posted September 13, 2001 [4]

Anyone who thinks differently disregards the evidence in favor of  ideology and biased opinion. Anyone who refuses to come to terms with this reality is aiding and abetting the enemy.  They are defending the enemy’s right to exist and freedom to murder us at will.   They have, by their own decision, become an ally of Islam and joined his ranks.  They simply need to relocate to an Islamic country.

You can ‘take this to the bank’:  If all those liberals and ‘tolerant’ people who are sympathetic to Islam were made to move to an Islamic country, the reality of this enemy would magically appear in 3D and bright colors illuminating their few remaining brain cells,  and they would be even more adamant than us to rid the world of these subhumans.

Secondly, like the other cancerous ideologies that have been extinguished from the world stage, we must once and for all exterminate Islam.  And to do this we have to extinguish the nest.  And yes it is and has been the breeding ground for the enemy since the very beginning.  And yes, the nest of Islam is easy to find .  It is right there.  It is not hidden.  In fact it’s location is proudly publicized by Muslims all over the world.

The nest, the breeding ground for the barbaric ideology of Islam is the Koran.   A book in the same vain as Mein Kamf but much older, much deadlier and still reeking havoc around the world.  (See Mohamed’s Poison [5] [6]Finally, if we are to succeed in saving our way of life, we must win this war.  And the first order of business is to name and declare war on the enemy, Islam.   To be able to win this, or any war, there must the commitment and the will.  The only consideration is to win and win as fast as possible.

There can be no ‘rules of engagement’ other than to kill the enemy.  There can be no trading or diplomatic relations between the enemy’s countries and ours.  The Good Guys must use the power they have before the enemy acquires the same power.   Blockades of all enemy countries and their supporters must be the first weapon and used until the victory is achieved.   There must be a shock and awe so devastating that the enemy will be eliminating themselves in order to achieve a surrender to end the one sided war.  There can be no ‘middle ground’.  Like WWI and WWII,  WWIII must be a total victory with unconditional surrender by the enemy.

The general  terms of this surrender must be simple and direct:   1. All ex-Muslims have to officially denounced Mohamed, Allah and The Koran and swear their allegiance to the freedom of all mankind.  This sworn affidavit must be created and completed and notarized before a designated military personnel at public locations designated by the military.   2.  The Koran is forbidden in its present form.  All existing copies must be destroyed.  New printings of the Koran will be permitted for historical relevancy but must include a chapter and an index of the complete list of atrocities that are known and have been documented during the 1400 years of Islam’s existence.   Anyone having an illegal copy in his possession will be tried by a military court and sentenced as outlined in the terms of surrender.     3.  All existing Mosques will be remodeled to serve as shelters and/or hospitals for all ex-Muslims. 4.  Any Muslim who refuses any of the terms of surrender will be considered a prisoner of war.  He will be tried by a military court and executed within 30 days of his conviction.  No appeals and no lawyers.  He must represent himself.  5. Any history or published discussion of Islam must include a chapter and an index of the complete list of atrocities that are known and have been documented during the 1400 years of Islam’s exitance.    Any book, media or publication which fails to include this documentation will be considered enemy propaganda and the publisher will face a criminal trial before a military tribunal.  6.  It will be illegal to offer any type of service or support to any ex-Muslim that is funded by taxpayer dollars.   7.  Ex-Muslims born prior to the date of these terms, must provide a notarized proof of their sworn allegiance when and if required by any agency or entity, public or private, business or personal.

Sounds pretty impossible, doesn’t it?   Just take a look back and see what “impossible” things we have achieved when we had the commitment and the will.  The list of these “impossible missions and accomplishments” is the product of the determination of a free and decent people.  Failure and defeat were never an option and we’re still Americans so nothing should be any different now.

Freedom or slavery.  Life or death.  War sucks.  The Good Guys never want it.  The Bad Guys make it impossible to avoid.

One thing is for sure, as it has since it’s beginning, Islam will continue to seek world domination.  Death and destruction will continue to be the signature of Islam in all parts of the world.  The Good Guys will continue to sacrifice their freedoms for security while paying trillions of dollars just to stay alive in a frightened world.

Islam must be extinguished.  War is inevitable.  Unfortunately, there is no other solution.

There is an analogy that may best describe the world’s situation with this enemy.


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