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How many times have you shaken your head in disbelief about how ‘your’ government is so inept and they can so consistently screw up just about everything?

An analogy is in order here so that ‘we the people’ can better and finally understand why America has ‘lost it’s way’ and how the government continues to fail us both financially and culturally.

Let’s go back to October 3, 1995.  The day that OJ Simpson was found not guilty.  Of course the only evidence that  wasn’t presented was an actual video of him killing the 2 people.   Everyone, with at least a few working brain cells, knew that he was guilty and was in shock when the verdict was announced.   But that isn’t the point here.

Take a good look at the pictures below.  They were taken as the verdict was announced.    Study them for a minute.   The answer to just about all America’s problems is vividly illustrated in these photos.

Yes, the lawyers are smiling and hugging Simpson with jubilation over THEIR SUCCESS!   Yes, these lawyers knew Simpson had sliced his wife’s throat open and then killed a young man trying to rescue her.  Yes, the lawyers had not only been to the horrific scene with all the blood stains and footprints of blood, but the lawyers had seen all the actual photos that were so gruesome that they wouldn’t think of making them public. Yes, these lawyers were only feet away from a a father who lost his only son and a family whose young daughter, the mother of two young children, was butchered to death. Roanoke DUI attorney provide best lawyer for criminal, Family and Personal injury lawyer. Then you can try this web-site for the best DUI attorney. Before you hire someone to be your DUI attorney, take time to meet with a few different people ti discuss your case. You should ask about how many DUI cases he or she has handled the cost of the DUI attorney fees and other fees, and if he or she is board certificate in DUI law. You will Get More Information related to DUI. Yes, these lawyers heard these victims families cries as their horrific nightmare was made even more unimaginable as the verdict was announced and the callous jury deliberately poured salt into their bleeding hearts.  Yes, the lawyers smiled and hugged this despicable murderer of his children’s mother as he smiled openly, flaunting all decency and humanity. Here is the official site for the Boston probation-violation attorney.

Now consider this;  85-90% of all government is in the control of lawyers.  That’s right, local, state and federal.  And all branches; legislative, judicial and executive.  Starting to see the correlation?

Does anyone think that these lawyers in control actually care about America or ‘we the people’?   If these people, lawyers , are of the mindset wherein they can lie and manipulate to free a murderer in order to advance their career, does anyone ever think what this same mindset is capable of in order to advance their political career?  (Does the name Richard Blumenthal – Attorney General of Connecticut , ring a bell?)

Bottom line:  lawyers do not think as ‘we the people’ do and therein lies the reason why we can never understand what they do and why they do it.

Don’t take my word for it;

In the book, How Lawyers Lose Their Way the authors, both law professors, argue that professional demands are only symptoms of a deeper problem: the way lawyers are taught to think and reason. They show how legal education and practice have been rendered arid and dull by formalism,  a way of thinking that values precedent and doctrine above all,  exalting consistency over ambiguity, rationality over emotion,  and rules over social context and narrative.

This bares repeating and careful consideration since it is THE underlying reason why our government is failing us:  ‘a way of thinking that values precedent and doctrine above all,  exalting consistency over ambiguity, rationality over emotion,  and rules over social context and narrative.’

So take the fact that their mindset is unlike ours, add the fact that their human emotion is replaced with a callous diligence to their personal success;  a law school mentality that, for whatever unknown reason, makes them believe that they are smarter than everyone else;  they have no value of the dollar since they have made more money in one hour than many people do in a week or even a month;  and finally,  add the fact that they rarely if ever  have ‘real world’  business, leadership, or military experience and what do you get?

You get ‘the enemy within’.  The antithesis of the American spirit, American morality and American principles.  A privileged group of people that have manipulated the system, and with decades of ‘smoke and mirrors’, convinced the American people that America is a ‘land of laws’ (which, since lawyers make and interpret the laws, that makes  it the land of lawyers);  so they now rule every branch of government and have absolute power in America.

You can call them anything you like. Call them Public Servants, Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Politicians, Judges, Legislators, Congressman, Senators, even President. But the one fact remains; they are all (with few exceptions) LAWYERS!

I suggest that identifying the ‘tumor’ which spreads the cancer that is eating away at America, is as simple as finding the answer to a complex math problem in 8th grade Algebra.  When faced with multiple problems sharing the same answer, you must find the ‘common denominator’ in order to have any chance of solving the problem.

The Common Denominator in the failure of American government and culture today: the lawyers.

Here’s Michael Master’s take:

Why America is dying

Posted by Michael Master on November 27, 2010

Because so many people have asked me “Why is America in so much trouble?” and “Is America dying?” I offer this explanation from my book, “Save America Now”:

… Clearly, to save America, we need to remove the lawyers from running industry and the government. Lawyers are a staff function. They support the line functions. We Americans made a mistake by placing lawyers in executive operational positions. There is time to correct this. We need to remove all the lawyers from line functions and replace them with operational executives.

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