– My Take –

First we roomed together. Then as we got older we started fighting and our parents had to separate us. As we got older the fighting went away and we got close again but we continued to harass and joke with each other the way brothers usually do.
I had always joked with Rick that the day he moved out of the house was going to be a glorious day and that I was going to hire The Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing The Hallelujah Chorus as he moved his furniture out the door!
Well the day finally came,  I couldn’t afford the Choir, so I did the next best thing.   I set up my stereo outside our front door with the speakers pointed to each side of our block.   Turned the volume as far as it would go and let it wale.    His first step outside the front door was met with
Hallelujah! – Hallelujah! – the whole neighborhood heard it and watched as Rick and his friend moved his  furniture out of the house – and we haven’t stopped laughing about it since…

Easily one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. My bet is that even HE has a lump in his throat and a tear in His eye every time this plays. Anyone who doesn’t feel the glory in this masterpiece, well let’s just say their missing one of the most precious of all human emotions.

Of course the music is inspiring,  but the people,  the location, the joyous surprise in such an unexpected place.   It is freedom of religion and freedom of speech at its best.
This video is great because it’s just so American.  Enjoy.


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