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Here’s a question to contemplate;  Who is less American, Barack Obama or Eric Holden?   OK   You can stop contemplating.  the obvious answer is that it’s a tie.  Both have proved themselves anti-American by their speeches and their actions over the last 692 days.

(By the way, did I mention that both of these inept academics are lawyers?)

I guess there could be a separate category for Holder on this site, much like the The Muslim President category but I would call this one the Anti American Attorney General.   Both categories evidence the persons contempt if not hatred for America and it’s success.

Obama’s Muslim roots and socialist education and subculture are a lethal combination for ‘Truth, Justice and The American Way’.    Holder is just one of those blacks who still has a chip on their shoulder about the success of ‘white’ America, even though blacks have a better life in America than anywhere else on earth.  (It’s similar to the Palestinians hating Israel even though Palestinians live a much better life in Israel than they ever could in any other part of the Arab world.)

Obama says we “are not a Christian nation” even though 85% of us are Christian and we have more Christian churches and attend church more than any nation on earth.

Holder says “we are a nation of cowards” even though we have grave yards around the world filled with Americans who fought and died for all nations to be free.

So we have The President and the Attorney General who, by their own words and actions,  have shown us that neither deserve to be even living in the United States of America.

One of the human traits that define a persons worthiness and value to his fellow man is the appreciation and gratitude he displays for the blessings he enjoys in life.   Shame on Obama and Holder for their contemptuous displays of ingratitude to the nation that gave both of them both so much.

It’s just a ‘pet peeve’ of mine but I just can not stand an ungrateful person.  There are just so many unfortunate people around the world.  They suffer and die daily without  ever knowing the blessings and joys that we in America have been so spoiled with.

So when ungrateful characters like Obama and Holder come along, it sickens me.  Shame on them and shame on those brain dead celebrity whores who elected them.

Here’s the latest un-American activity from Holder.

Department of Justice Enforces the Sharia: Sues Illinois School District for Muslim Teacher Hajj

Posted by Pam Geller on December 13,2010

We continue to suffer Islamic attacks from the Department of Justice. The latest? A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Muslim teacher who wanted to abandon her students to make her once-in-a-lifetime trip to the hajj. The school needed her and said no. The school district denied the teacher’s request because the purpose of her leave was not related to her professional duties, nor was it leave for any of the specific purposes set forth in the Professional Negotiations Agreement between the district and the teachers’ union.

Obama’s Department of Sharia sued the school system to ensure the kids get screwed but the teacher got the hajj.

This is the same DOJ’s Holder who spoke at the Muslim Advocates dinner this past weekend and reassured Muslims of “DOJ’s anti-bias focus.”

This is the same DOJ’s Holder who sued a New Jersey county demanding a correction facility accommodate a Muslim employee’s khimar, a religious head covering.

This is the same DoJ’s Holder who did nothing about Black Panthers harassing, intimidating and suppressing the vote in 2008.

This  is the same DoJ’s Holder who did nothing to prosecute the egregious voter fraud committed by ACORN.

This is the same DoJ’s Holder who sabotaged/disenfranchised the Military vote.

The Department of Justice sponsored a booth at the Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention underwritten by, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR.

Further, Obama’s Department of Justice dropped the “charges” against the Muslims who blew up the USS Cole.

Obama’s Department of Justice is still trying to bring the 911 mastermind to New York City for a civilian trial. …

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