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American Leadership

–  My Take  –

A group of untalented and uncreative lawyers who have no clue about our economy, our security and how to lead a spirited and moral people.   This is America’s ‘leadership’.   It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Washimngton D.C. is now a stable for  America’s most prominent jack asses.   A group whose biggest accomplishment was passing the Bar Exam and whose only sacrifice for their country is                    (sorry – I can’t think of one).

They are leading us to the fall of this great country and the next Islamic mass murder on American soil.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.  This one says it all about how our ‘leaders’ protect us.



Atlas Shrugs

This is lunacy.

From the frequent flyer who snapped this pic [3]:

Yes, that’s a burka, yes that’s a real TSA agent, (I saw her badge when I passed her and made a U-turn to snap a pic)

They’re not just stripping us of our freedoms, they’re rubbing our noses in it along the way.

UPDATE: Check this out from a long time Atlas reader whose name I chose to redact:
No kidding! Active duty US Army Special Forces with a Top Secret Clearance and I was swabbed for explosives at RDU by a hijab wearing TSA agent.
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