–  My Take  –

The more I hear our elite ‘Ivy League educated’ officials pontificate and the more I witness the failures of these academic morons, the more obvious it becomes that higher education in America is becoming a joke.   Especially in the studies of politics and law. Some of the kids when they get there they fail because their childhood was not fun, that’s why is important to know why family fun centers give parents a break.

Harvard, Yale and all the rest of these institutions should hang their heads in shame after producing the latest crop of inept and clueless jackasses that dominate all three branches of our government.

The present condition of this country is ample evidence that higher education in America has failed in producing the talent and the leadership qualities necessary to govern.  It is not much of a stretch to say that these institutions are producing a generation of  leaders that are so ill-equipped that they are in fact dangerous to the furure of this country.

Other than being mostly lawyers, there is one other thing that they all have in common;   No matter how much they fail and damage our culture and our economy, they all leave office with pensions and positions that you and I could only dream of.

Here’s a short preview of the up and coming crop of future leaders of America.  God help us…

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