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Since my band broke up back in late 60s, I haven’t followed many, if any, rock and roll stars or the music. Most of us feel that the best R&R music came out of the 1960s.  Since then, there’s not even a close second when it comes to musical decades.

Some of those rock stars overdosed, some just faded away, and some rocked on into old age and turned into naive liberals. ( Paul McCartney comes to mind.)

And then there is Ted Nugent. There’s always a special appreciation for someone like Mr. Nugent. One who is grateful to his country for giving him the opportunity to achieve such success and to live with such privilege in this great land.    Grounded with respect for the foundation and the traditions that made America; America.

Ted Nugent is indeed an All American Rock Star.   In fact, with the likes of Ted Nugent at the guitar, I bet the Founding Fathers would be proud of America for giving us rock and roll music.

Here’s an interview ‘The Nuge’ did not so long ago.  All I could say after viewing this was; Amen Ted.

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