–  My Take  –

Full Disclosure: I am not a fan of lawyers (the understatement of the century – see GLOOG).  And the reason I am not a fan is the same reason that I kissed the floor at the airport when I arrived back from my first international trip and was asked ‘how it feels to be back’; I love this great country and all it has done for us and for all civilized society for over 200 years.

Call them Republican Democrat, Independents, Politicians, Legislators, Judges, Congressmen, Senators, Presidents; they are almost all lawyers and they are destroying America.  They have taken control of all branches of the State and Federal governments.  They are bankrupting America financially and morally.  Through there total control they have trashed the Constitution and just about broken the Judeo-Christian foundation which was the seed that developed the American Spirit and the world’s greatest country.

When someone is destroying something that you love, it only natural to get angry.  When someone is destroying the hope and dreams of millions and the civilized world’s ‘beacon on the hill’, it goes beyond anger.

And so it is human nature that drives my ‘hatred’ of lawyers in America.

And yes, it is hatred because they know what they are doing and they do not give a damn.  Their greed, their lust for power, and their law school embedded narcissism is now the embodiment of America’s failed leadership.

Here’s a great illustration of the mindset and problem solving capabilities of a lawyer.  In this case, it’s Obama and America’s pending financial catastrophe.

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