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In April 2010, the Libyan president Gaddafi praised Obama: “Barakeh Obama is friend…” “He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported….”

To those who deny reality I say; “Wake up and grow up”.   This is not the land of Oz and Santa and the tooth fairy are great until you reach about 10 years old.

One of the first things we learn as ‘thinking people’ is to judge one by his actions and not his words.   Amazing how over 80% of Americans never learned this lesson.

On this site there is a category that offers just some of the evidence that 63% of voters elected a Muslim for President not 10 years from 9/11.  “How soon they forget”.   Forget about all the evidence; imagine Americans voting for a man namedHirohito‘ 8 years after WWII!

Anyway, back to the latest evidence offered by America’s first Muslim President’:

Libya is Slaughtering Innocent Civilians, Hundreds Massacred

Posted  by Pamela Geller on February 20, 2011

A reader has written me an urgent email,

“Our Egyptian friends called in panic. Their aunt who lives in Libya says what is going on in front of apartment- is frightening- people are being kiled like chickens one by one.    The aunt was on phone fearing for her life huddled in the apartment with their family.  She the aunt- wants to know where the UN is, the US is. The media. Anybody.”

I fear Obama will do and say nothing. Back in July of 2008, I posted that Gaddafi had come out and fully endorsed Obama, going so far as to say: “People in Arab And Islamic World, Africa… May Have Been Involved In Legitimate Contribution Campaigns [to Obama].”

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