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Video: FOXO – The Gene That Slows Aging

–  My Take  –

Keep everything else, give me my FOXO!

My mother tells me that my grandmother said she was going to die since she was about 40 years old.

My grandfather had a stroke at 84.  He left the hospital, went home and flushed all the medications down the toilet.

Grandma lived to 92 and Grandpa lived to 97!  God Bless Them.

My mother had a pacemaker since she was 52.  She’s now 87 and on her 7th pacemaker.  God Bless John Hopps. (invented the first cardiac pacemaker)

Common denominator: The Genes…

Everyone has always said that some people are blessed with ‘the right genes’.  Well all were right and now scientists have confirmed and identified the exact gene that everyone was dreaming about.   It’s named the FOXO gene.

So eat all the right stuff.  Exercise all you can.  Be happy and be healthy.  And then pray that you have the right FOXO genes.

And if you’re not one of the lucky ones, don’t worry.  Just stick around a little longer and put a little money aside for your new FOXO  gene treatment.  It’s coming soon to a Miracle Center near you.   See you at our 80th high school reunion…

Here’s the Video from Nova Science Now

Watch the full episode [1]. See more NOVA scienceNOW. [2]

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