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Medical Site Videos Better Than a Doctor!

– My Take –

OK They are not better than a doctor because they will not give you the prescription you need.
WAIT! I forgot. You can get just about any medicine you need Online these days, no prescription needed!
This is really a great site for anyone who needs any medical information and better yet an interactive video to boot!
And hears the real kicker; It’s produced by the most inefficient, unrealistic, uncreative, mentally challenged, inexperienced, group of people that we know of; our federal government!!
That’s right, our government the lawyers government now has done TWO things right; this site and the Military.
We’re getting there. At this pace our Government will be totally competent in about a thousand years! ( Of course you can shorten that to about 10 years if you Vote & GLOOG [1] )

Check It Out – Bookmark It – Use It.

You paid For It.



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