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The King Hearings: ‘The Silence of Submission’

–  My Take  –

And so the King Hearings are over and once again ‘the good guys’ submitted to the enemy.  Nothing was accomplished because King did not dare to expose the truth which any honest hearings would have done.   There can be no hearings on ‘radical Islam’ because there is no ‘radical Islam’ which leads to the only logical reality;   “Islam is Islam and that’s it”

What’s the point of a hearing on ‘Radical Islam’ without critics?

Posted by Diana West on January 22, 2011

“Rather than confront the hard truths of our times, we tell ourselves soothing tales, rather than act on the logic of reality, we deny its implications.  We are afraid to do anything about our fears, even name them. We call our self-censorship the silence of respect; in reality it is the silence of fear. We call it the silence of tolerance; actually, it is the silence of submission.” – Diane West, Washington Examiner

That phrase — “radical Islam” — is truly a marvel, a bulletproof shield for Islam itself, which, sorry, guys and gals, is the source of all things we deem “radical” in Islam.

“Islam is Islam and that’s it,” as Turkey’s Erdogan so memorably put it. But since we don’t want Islam to be “it,” we make policy and even war based on some mythic radicalism of “twisted” or “hijacked” or “perverted” Islam.  –  Diane West, Washington Examiner

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