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How embarrassing does it get?  How sad is this day in American ‘journalism/media’ ?  How ignorant and naive are ‘we’ with an enemy whose most noble religious act is to kill us and our children in the name of  their  ‘god’ ?

Been watching the O’Reilly factor now for years.  Always liked O’Reilly.  He just was the kind of guy that was obviously sincere and cared about things the way we were all did.  After finding out that he grew up only a few blocks from me in Westbury, N.Y., it made me like him even more.   Then a few years back, he started changing.  The change was apparent to all I knew and also started showing up in the emails that he reads at the end of his show.  The change in my view was that he had become obsessed with ‘fair and balanced’. –  ‘Fair and Balanced vs.’Right and Wrong’

Stopped watching The Factor after Bill started caring more about being “fair and balanced” and not caring about  right and wrong.   The Bill O’Reilly we had come to admire and respect was changing and it wasn’t easy watching it.  Then he  interviewed Obama and it was all over.  Bill obviously took a liking to this American disgrace and has been making excuses for him ever since.

Unfortunately, Bill and The Factor peaked a few years ago and have been crashing ever since.

But yesterday it’s safe to say that ‘the curtain is closing’ on what once was the best news/opinion show on all of TV.   And I quote Mr. O’Reilly: “Doesn’t the Koran condemn this type of behavior?”  And the final shocker that eliminates any credibility The Factor had left:  “I find it hard to believe that the prophet Mohamed would preach a religious doctrine where woman could be abused at anytime by a Muslim man  and the man could be, you know, not held accountable in heaven or hell”. ( 2:55 )  (Has O’Reilly converted?  Only Muslims refer to Mohamed as ‘the prophet’)

“I guess he is too busy worrying about body language or Charlie Sheen to take the time to learn about Mohammad and Islam.”  –  vlparker

So Bill O’Reilly now qualifies to join his colleagues in the media that he has for years accurately denounced for not doing their research and relying on the facts.   It is obvious by this interview that O”Reilly has no knowledge concerning the most important subject of our times.  Like the disgraceful media he has denounced,  Bill now relies on his opinion ( “I find it hard to believe…”) rather than the facts.  The Koran, the Hadith, the biography of Mohamed.   All the facts are right there.  And you don’t have to read them all, any one of them will provide you with enough evidence to make ‘qualified’ statements.   And also there’s that ‘annoying little 1400 years’ of documented evidence of Islamic atrocities.  But now that The Factor has joined ranks with the MSM, we’ll just not pay any attention to that…

OK.  I have to admit, I still have a ‘soft spot’ for Bill.  He was the best and he did grow up in the 60s with me in the same neighborhood.  So I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.   So Bill if I am wrong about these things then there can be only one other explanation and there is an easy solution to get you back on track; it’s time to fire your research team before the curtain closes once and for all on the ‘No Spin Zone’…

Here’s the interview with the courageous Wafa Sultan:

Pig Flying Moment: Bull O’Reilly has Wafa Sultan On

Posted by Pam Geller on March 29, 2011

I had to rub my eyes. Bill O’Reilly, patron of Muslim Brotherhood-tied CAIR, was covering a story of rape and brutality against a Muslim woman in Libya. Typical treatment of Muslim women living under Islamic law.

What was shocking was that O’Reilly had Wafa Sultan on to explain. I hardly watch O’Reilly, and I fell off my chair. I don’t think he had a clue who she was. And did she school him. His responses were completely uninformed, but no matter, Wafa speaketh.

Wafa Sultan was born and raised in Syria. She is a medical doctor who trained as a psychiatrist in Syria, and is an American author and critic of Muslim society and Islam, having self-identified as a Muslim, but not religious. Her must-read book is A God Who Hates.

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