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I never cared much to hear about the excuses of a murderers and psychopaths or any reasons for anything when it comes to physically abusing or taking someones life.  (The exception obviously being defending yourself or your family from the aggression of another, no matter what their reason.)

And rarely do I give credence to the ‘intellectuals’ of our society.  ( Bush ‘stupid’ – Obama ‘brilliant’ – I’ll take stupid… )  So the self anointed intellectuals like Richard Dawkins are not even on my list when it comes to approaching common sense solutions to problems either political or otherwise.

But Richard Dawkins’ conclusions on human behavior and coining the word ‘memes’ is the most logical approach in the study of Islam and it’s history ;

The term ‘meme’ was coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1970’s to refer to ‘mind-viruses’ that take over people’s minds to ensure their own spread. Pseudo-religious cults are typical examples of memes.

At his blog titled ‘Info on Islam’, trencherbone has a post titled ‘Islam – Murder Meme and Rabies of Religions’ which is an in depth look at Islam’ s mental state;

Brainwashing-cult memes are self-referential belief systems which contains within themselves the instructions for their own propagation. Memes are often described as the cultural equivalents of computer viruses.

Pretty heavy stuff,  but after you read it you will see how much sense it makes in explaining the heretofore  ‘inexplainable’ barbaric actions of Islamic Jihad for the last 1400 years.

And after you finished if you still don’t agree, try clicking on this picture and spend a few moments absorbing ‘just a few’ examples of the Islamic mindset in action:

Islam – Murder Meme and Rabies of Religions

Posted by trencherbone on January 23, 2010

… Although Richard Dawkins coined the term, the idea of contagious mind-viruses goes back at least to the late nineteenth century, when Winston Churchill described Islam as being as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog. ……

A meme carries exactly the same fear-driven psychological motivation as a chain letter – “If you propagate me then something nice will happen, if not then something horrible will happen”. In order to justify themselves against attack by reason, memes place absolute reliance on faith, which is seen as being superior to reason. They also contain self-referential or circular claims to the truth such as “This meme says it is the divine truth. Since it is the divine truth whatever its says must be true. Therefore it must be divine truth because it says so and all competing memes must be the work of the Devil”.   …..

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