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Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin are indeed at the top of today’s influential people in America.  There can be no argument there.   Unfortunately, like many they criticize, they have not only disregarded The Constitution but have belittled those who fight for it by joining in on the propaganda of those who seek to circumvent, ignore, or even destroy this amazing document and what it represents.

The liberals/progressives who have no respect for The Constitution have once again via their propaganda machines created a brilliant camouflage of a serious and game changing issue; the eligibility of  Barack Obama to be President of The United States.  Any where you turn in the MSM you will hear the word ‘birthers’ and an inference that it is a ridiculous subject only recognized by ‘extremists” or “racists”.

So a lot of the public along with even  a few real Constitutionalists like O’Reilly, Beck, and Palin have bought into the MSM and the Obama camps talking points.

And then there is Joseph Farah over at WorldNetDaily.com who has no problem putting his reputation and that of his organization on the line to support  the integrity of The Constitution.   Since the election in 2008 Farah, among many others, has only asked for Obama to submit the documents necessary to meet the standards as set forth in The Constitution.    All that was submitted was spin, smoke and mirrors.

WND.com is one of the best in the news business and at the top of the internet ratings.   One of the many top writers that contribute is Dr. Alan Keyes, otherwise known (well to me anyway) as ‘The Michelangelo of Oratory.”Meet Alan Keyes – The Michelangelo of Oratory

Keyes does it so easily. His gift of oratory (no teleprompter needed) is unparallelled in America or anywhere else.   Ask him any question.  His answer will be so articulate, so complete, so studied that it is as if he did his college thesis on just that question!   Amazing.

Here he discusses the eligibility of Obama and his continuous contempt for our Constitution.   Anyone interested in any way in The Constitution needs to watch and hear this video and this brilliant man’s outline of the origins and stated purpose of  The Constitution.

Here’s Dr. Alan Keyes Take:


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