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Islamic “Family Honor” – Selling Daughters into Sex-Slavery for Sheep

–  My Take  –

This is Islam.   And here is just another great tradition established by the pedophile butcher Mohamed.  And of course his followers are ever so obedient to emulate him, their “perfect man”.    What a ‘prophet’ and what a ‘religion’.  Where else can a ‘father’ sell his daughter when he needs some extra cash?  Where else can an old man buy a 10 year old girl and then rape her everyday whenever he feels like it?   And where else can a ‘man’ rape a little girl until she gets pregnant, beat the hell out of her until he kills the baby inside of her, then sell her again or just kill her; no questions asked…  Praise Allah!

Islam, indeed the diarrhea of civilization.  Here’s the video.

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