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That’s right, you heard it here second!  This comes from primary sources of leadership in the Muslim community:  “Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader…” Barack Obama “He [Bin Laden] never represented Islam. I actually question whether he was a Muslim or not.” Imam Mohammad Ahmed al Sherif, Imam of the Islamic Center of Nashville. Nashville Scene, May 5, 2011.OK, so they said Bin Laden and not Mohamed.   Well we know that ‘everyone’ has studied or at least understands what Islam teaches (LOL) so then we know that Bin Laden was a student of Mohamed and fashioned his life after ‘the original Muslim’.   Unfortunately, as hard as he tried, Bin Laden never quite matched up to the historical achievements of ‘the prophet Mohamed’:

Mohammed’s example was crystal clear. According to the Sira, the sacred biography of Mohammed, he was involved in over 65 acts of jihad, or as we say today, 65 acts of terror. And that was in a 9 year period. Bin Laden was small fry, in comparison to Mohammed.

Muslims protest on Friday against the killing of bin Laden, saying more
figures like him would arise to wage holy war against the United States.

Gee!  Why ever would Muslims be protesting and threatening war over the death of a non- Muslim???

So back to the point at hand.

The obvious question is  – Why would all those people in leadership, in the media, in academia, Christians, Jews, even ‘Muslims’ and all others around the world be so utterly naive and dismissive when it comes to the biggest threat -EVER- to civilized man; Islam?

Here’s a personal example of how this cancerous ignorance dominates the discourse:

Case in Point:  I asked my friend, the one who attends the Mosque, if he is a good Muslim.  Without hesitation he said ‘of course I am’.   I then told him that what I was about to tell him was not my opinion but the conclusions of scholars who devote their life to the study of Islam.  According to these experts, Osama bin laden is a ‘good Muslim’ because he follows the teachings of Mohamed as expressed in the Hadith, the Sirah,  and the word of Allah as written in the Koran.   Well of course this blew him away and he just shook his head and said I didn’t know what I was talking about.   Funny how that’s just about the same reaction that you get when you say this to anyone who is uninformed, uneducated, or unwilling to face the reality of Islam.   (See: My Best Friends are Muslims ?? )

We have all heard of the saying “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

The following is an explanation given as to why liberals or progressives are so absolutely moronic in the face of reality.  It also provides the answer to our question;

‘They avoid what they do not wish to see;  they are deaf to what they do not wish to hear;  they ignore what they do not wish to know.  They are masters of self deception’.

Here’s an Excellent Post from one of the very best sites dealing with the realiies of Islam:

Mohammed, a Real Muslim?

Posted May 6, 2011 by Political Islam

…  When the President and an imam declare that Bin Laden was not really a Muslim, it must be true. According to the establishment, we are to swallow their declarations as the full truth and go on about our business living in a world where all Islam is good. Those “bad” actions are done by I-know-they-are-practicing-jihad-but-they-are-not-really-Muslims Muslims. Or more succinctly: a jihadist is not really a Muslim.

Really? A jihadist is not really a Muslim? This news is going to be such a disappointment to Mohammed, the original Mohammed, the jihadist Mohammed. And let us not leave out the jihadist Allah.  …

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