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Between our ‘leaders’ and the media, I don’t know which one is behind the curtain.  One thing for sure is that they all dwell in The Land of Oz.

Anyone who believes the uprisings in the Middle East are about freedom needs only to check out the meaning of the word –  ‘Islam’ – submit or surrender

Just amazing how all of these so called ‘smart’ people can be so ignorant of the truth.  And how can they totally disregard the realities of history over 1400 years and most recently the headlines from the 1979 Iranian  ‘revolution’ until today.

So how did Afghanistan work out after you helped Bin Laden and Islam defeat the Russians?  They were so grateful to America for saving their ‘freedom’ that they sent us the most memorable and expensive ‘Thank You Card’ in history.  And how can we forget the day they delivered it on September 11, 2001.

And how did that Iranian Revolution work out?  Remember that terrible Shah and how President Carter facilitated his downfall so that the poor Iranians could have their freedom?   Just think, without us helping the ‘freedom fighters’ in Iran in 1979, beautiful little Hezbollah would never have been born and Iran would not be developing a nuclear bomb to “wipe Israel off the map.”

And then Iraq.  We got rid of that brutal Saddam and Iraqis was free at last!   Just ask the Christians in Iraq how that worked out.  Or better yet, ask the families of 4500 Americans who died for ‘Islamic’ freedom’ in Iraq.    But as always they are gracious and appreciate the freedom that America brings to the Muslim world.  In fact just the other day Islam showed it’s gratitude by sending one of their ‘tokens of appreciation’  to blow up 70 innocent people, including children.

How many examples are needed before these people wake up?

Islam Must Go –   The War for Civilization

And now we can thank our latest ‘Jackass-in-Chief’ for throwing Mubarak under the bus in Egypt and and bombing Libya so that once again Islam can enjoy it’s special kind of ‘freedom’.

This picture illustrates ( ONCE AGAIN) the true intent of the “freedom fighters” in the Middle east.  There are, nor can there be any exceptions to the intent that this picture so vividly communicates as long as Islam exists as the majority in these countries.

Cairo, Egypt, Tahir Square, National Unity Day, Friday prayers, May 13. Israel hung in effigy (Photo thanks to CiF watch, h/t Armaros)

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