–  My Take  –

After watching this you will have to agree with Obama, we’re not a Christian nation.  Sharia Law now supersedes the Constitution.  We are becoming more in line with Islamic traditions than Judeo-Christian traditions.

This is one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen because what it depicts is the beginning of the end for our country.  The fact that the lawyer/leaders like Obama and Clinton have no clue or concern is par for the course.  But even our biggest ‘general’ and the military (now spearheaded by military lawyers instead of soldiers – see War Without A General) have conceded victory to the very enemy they had sworn to defeat.

If giving Osama Bin Laden an appropriate burial in accordance with the Islamic requirements…” **, on board our very own warship was not enough proof, then check out this excerpt from the video depicting the military’s reverence for the Koran.  

Before you run to ‘call Ralph on the big white phone’,  just imagine what our boys would have done in WWII with a copy of Mein Kamf!     (This may calm you down and save the trip…)

** Let’s not forget that “Islamic Requirements’ are why over 270 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED, including the 3000 Americans just going to work on 9/11, since Islam was created 1400 years ago;

Sura 2:98 Hence, they have to wage a perpetual war against the infidels who refuse to submit.

Qur’an 2:191 “…kill the disbelievers wherever we find them”

The so called American leaders are a disgrace.  Their statements and decisions ‘give aid and comfort to the enemy’ which is nothing less than treason, that is if The Constitution still has any meaning.

If what is  documented in the following video is not reversed, and soon, then we can bring the troops home and stop all security at the airports and everywhere else.  The ‘War on Terror’  (PC for War on Islam) is over and we have lost.

With statements and acts like this coming out of Washington,  one is left  only to conclude that America is Now Leading the Collapse of Western Culture and Civilized Society.

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