–  My Take  –

The American Spirit Lives in Sarah Palin.  That’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear her say something you will NEVER hear another ‘candidate’ say.  (except of course Alan West who seems to be the exception to every rule…)

She said it at the the ‘Rolling Thunder’ Memorial Day parade in Washington D.C. .

There are many reasons that makes this one of the greatest quotes in political history, among them;

1.  It was a natural reaction, not a pre-determined ‘talking point’ or prepared speech.

2.  You can sense the real enthusiasm and natural American ‘bravado’.

3.  You would never expect this to come from a woman, a wife and mother of 5 children.

4.  It signals the real success and the true culmination of the independence of the American woman.

5.  It flies directly in the face of the ‘environmental losers’ who have handicapped America’s energy independence and who care more about fish than people.

Of course #5 is the best reason to just love Sarah for saying this;

Sarah Palin tells America; “I love that smell of the emissions”

The quote comes at about one minute into the video.

This event is just another great chapter in this All American story.

My bet is, with any luck, this woman will be President and eventually will be called “The Great Lady” of American Politics.

And here’s the best pic of all.  The Cross leading her and Alan West at her side.  Wow!

–  Oh Yeah –  And neither of them is a lawyer –  surprise, surprise….  –

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