– My Take –

First of all: I would strongly suggest that all of us ‘conservatives’ re-brand ourselves as ‘Traditionalists’ since liberalism has become a ‘non-traditional’ and mostly anti-American way of political and philosophical thought.   So if you want to be recognized as belonging to the opposite camp of ideology, then you will want to be a Traditionalist.

Being a ‘traditionalist’ strongly implies the support and adherence to the Founding Fathers original plan for American governance and values as expressed in The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution.   So if we have clue about the importance of propaganda and labeling (which the Republican Party does not and never has had)  we will have to re-brand our ideology or movement or Party, whatever you want to call it.

That said,  I Like Mitt Romney.   First of all he seems like a good and descent family man and father figure.  Secondly he is not a lawyer but a businessman which is now and always should have been qualification Number ONE to be President of the United States.   And I’m sure that there are many more commendable things about Mitt,  not the least of being that he is ‘the second coming’ compared to Obama. (But then most everyone is…)

OK now the downside;  Mitt has been in politics too long and has adopted too many of the negative influences from his fellow politicians, lawyer advisers, and campaign managers.

Here’s Ann Barnhardt to fill you in:


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