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Been working on a newsletter for over a month now.  Most of the time spent on the design and structure.

This morning I finally started to insert content for the first edition.  Together with the latest titles of posts from this site and the GLOOG site, the newsletter features a ‘Classics’ section wherein a few of the ‘very best’ posts are linked.

Among all of the ‘classic’  posts,  there is one which I have always considered, hands down, the best.   It is apolitical and it took no intelligence, knowledge,  or ideology to construct.   It is titled  ‘The Only Enemy‘ and it deals with death and the loss of someone you love.

After I finished listing all of the ‘classics’,  I just so happened to re-read ‘The Only Enemy‘ and once again it brought tears to my eyes and hope for what lies ahead.   I fell back asleep shortly after reading  it and was awakened by my wife a few hours later.  She handed me the phone and told me it was my brother and I needed to take the call.

My brother spoke to me.  The words,  as they always are, were lightening bolts piercing the the very heart and soul of my existence.  My sister Melodie had passed away overnight.   She was 58, she was my only sister, and she was all heart.

Death is so damn final and all of us adults have to face this reality.  It takes big chunks out of the your spirit each time it rears it’s ugly head.  It is easy to see why the spirit of a child is so precious to us.  It reminds us of our spirit before it was blemished with life’s realities.

Gotta go now.   Starting to cry again.  Mel is in a better place but I cry because I am selfish and I want her to be here.

God Bless and Take Care of You Mel.   I will think of you everyday until we meet again…

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