–  The Bottom Line  –

You can not fix the crumbling walls of a house unless you insure the foundation is solid.’

Of course it is no coincidence that America became the greatest country in world history in a mere 200 years.  The ‘shining beacon on the hill’  was built on a solid Judeo-Christian foundation.  As this foundation weakened, the walls began to collapse.  The result:  America – 2011.

This guy Rick Perry gets it.  In order to repair America you must start by repairing it’s foundation.  America’s foundation was established from Judeo-Christian values and morality.  Without this ‘mortar’ the foundation begins to collapse.  Simple stuff.  you don’t need a contractor’s license or a PhD in political science to understand it.

Decades of erosion of this foundation produced numerous ‘cracks’ in the ‘walls.’  Walls that were built on the backs of hard working Americans.  Walls that were  firmly established on a foundation of morality and sealed with blood and tears and the souls of American heroes.

And so here we are in 2011.  With the lawyer/politicians pretending they know how to repair the walls when in fact they have no idea of even how the ‘house’ was built.

Along comes Rick Perry who understands ‘the architecture.’   In this video he calls for a day of prayer which of course is the first step in reestablishing America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.   History has proved that any other foundation is unable to support the strength, the character and the glowing success that eminates from ‘the beacon on the hill.’

Gov. Perry’s Invitation to The Response from The Response USA on Vimeo.

Oh by the way.  Did I mention that Govenor Rick Perry is NOT A LAWYER??


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