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It’s Here!

– The Bottom Line –

Here we go again!  American genius stepping up to bat and hitting it out of the park!   On the heels of the prior post, comes another example of American creativity and innovation.

First the good news is that after a century of waiting, we can now own our private and fully functional ‘flying car.’   That’s right.  They have started selling them and the orders are rushing in.  Now the bad news.  They cost about $250,000.00 and they don’t take trade-ins.

BUT, they are indeed finally here and very cool.  Now if we can just stay alive until the price comes down or better yet hit the Lotto, we will realize the dream that’s been around since even before the Wright Brothers.

“…it’s already outselling 95% of the other light sport aircraft in the market today.

And check out how ‘if all else fails‘, you can either find a handy road close by or just pop a parachute and the “Transition” glides safely to the ground…  ( Always wondered why the commercial planes do not employ a parachute system as a fail-safe?)

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