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Try to make it a practice not to post Islamic atrocities.  There are just so many on a Daily Basis and there are many sites that do handle these with clarity and completeness.    So here we list only the most obviously despicable on the This Is Islam page.

Once in a while one comes along that just has to be highlighted for any number of reasons.  This particular one ‘brings it home’ by a video interview with the victims family.    Also it shows a man who came to their rescue, Rev. Majed El Shafie.  What a great human being and what a great story behind this brave man.    (see link below and please contribute if you can)

The  victim is a mere child of 4 years old and she  was raped by one of Mohamed’s subhuman followers.

Yes, that’s right.  A 4 year old girl being raped by a grown ‘man’!  Can’t even fathom it?  Well just pick up a copy of the Koran or the Hadith and start reading.   You will discover that Mohamed is pronounced ‘the perfect man’ and all who practice Islam must strive to follow his example.

And of course since Mohamed married and fornicated with a 9 year old girl,  raping little girls can then make you just like ‘the Prophet’ and you too can be ‘a perfect man.’

How disgusting and despicable is this subhuman mindset?   How has the civilized world, with all it’s great power and respect for life, allowed this cult of death and destruction to prosper for 1400 years??    How much longer will the civilized man allow them to exist???

Islam – The Diarrhea of Civilization –


Mohamed;’s Poison – Sharia LawThe War for Civilization

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Please visit  One Free World International (OFWI) and read about the great work spearheaded by Rev. El Shafie

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