–  The Bottom Line  –

As we all get more accustomed to the Internet, the demise of the retail outlet becomes obvious.  Those who never use a PC or mobile device to shop will be extinct in a few years.  And then what?

Well anyone who shops the net and compares prices and selection knows exactly what.   Retail is dieing a slow death and it’s not because of the economy, although $4.00/gal. gas doesn’t help.

Of course there will be the exceptions which will be survive because of the nature of the products they sell that call more for the personal ‘touchy-feely approach. 

But generally speaking you just can’t beat the overwhelming benefits of shopping on the Net;    1. Compare all brands, models and ‘stores’ at the click of a key.   2. Save the gas and wear and tear on your car.  3. Great savings  4.  Same guarantees with easier returns  5.  Find products that would never be available locally  6. Research what you want to insure you’re getting the best product for the best price.  And of course – Your time is precious and you’re saving plenty of that everytime you shop on the Net.

Bottom Line and ‘Word to the Wise’:  Buy stock in UPS and FedEx. 

Here’s a simple audio adapter I was looking for found at Best Buy.  After seeing the cost,  I decided to check for it on the Net.  A picture is worth a thousand words but these two pictures are worth millions of words and illustrate the new and changing world of consumer spending. 

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