–  The Bottom Line  –

The Republican lineup for President is one of the best in many years.  And what a coincidence; NONE OF THEM ARE LAWYERS! *

Indeed the 'world has turned upside down.'  This lady Sarah Palin is just about the best speaker that I have ever heard run for President.  No teleprompters and almost no hesitation when she answers questions.  Watch her next time you get a chance and notice how her delivery is direct and is always about America and not about herself.  

How easy it is when you are being honest and speaking from the heart, not the legal and political filter that is embedded in the American  political/lawyer class of candidates.

Common sense, emotion, grasp of the bottom line, sprit, and the obvious love and respect she has for America, it's history and achievements, and the American people.  How refreshing.

But if you are brain dead enough to listen to most of the media, you would think she is the opposite.  And that is just what they want you to think because they know how dangerous this real American is to their anti-American, anti-Christian agenda which they have been cultivating for decades.

Sarah Palin is the answer to America's lawyer infested, cold and uninspired anti-American political scene.

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* I know Michele Bachman is the exception.  But I don't consider 'Tax Attorneys' in the same 'sub-class' as lawyers.  They are more or less 'legal accountants.'

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