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Outraged?  Of course, what human being wouldn't be.  BUT, the question is not whether or not you're outraged, it is who you are outraged at. 

Anyone who is paying attention and cares at all about someone other than themselves, is outraged not at the 'father', after all he has been raised and indoctrinated that his 'god' and his 'prophet' have not only sanctioned these killings, but that it is his duty as a Muslim in order to save the family honor.   

So then, who should we be outraged at?  Just take a short walk to the nearest mirror and take a long look!   Sorry to be the bearer of this shameful news but as they say; "the truth shall set you free" and more so in this case, it will save your life and as a bonus,  the existence of a civilized society.

Of course you are not surprised by the depraved thinking and actions of this father, are you?    Just in case you have been 'sleeping under a rock' take a quick glance at This is Islam for a brief listing that will make this 'father' just a 'regular guy.'

As unbelievable and despicable as this headline is, it pales in comparison to the fact that we, civilized society, have allowed this kind of mindset to exist and even thrive in our world for over 1400 years now! 

Since Mohamed first penned the Koran, Islam has recorded 1400 years of death, destruction, and a depraved mindset that indeed tells a father to slaughter his own daughters or butcher 3000 innocent people in the name of Mohamed's pseudonym; Allah.

So you keep that thinking that Islam is a religion and watch as those Mosques keep springing up all around you.  You can bet there will be one near you soon and you can also bet that it's just a matter of time before you and your family make the headlines and become just another one of the victims of Mohamed's Poison.

Here's the story:

Libya: Father slits throats of three daughters raped by Gadhafi's troops

Posted by Marisol on August 31, 2011

….. A father slit the throat of his three teenage daughters in an ‘honour killing’ after they were raped by Gaddafi loyalists during the siege of the port city of Misrata.  

Allegations of the shocking executions are contained in a report by the respected Physicians for Human Rights group into war crimes and atrocities in the embattled city, which faced two months of being cut off from the rest of Libya.

The father is said to have carried out the ‘honour killings’ because of his humiliation and shame at the rape of the sisters – aged 15, 17 and 18 – in Tomina, on the outskirts of Misrata. The victims were not named. […]

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