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Newt Scores First Touchdown of 2012 Season

–  The Bottom Line  –

Many years ago we were playing flag football and our teammate ran about 50 yards and scored the winning touchdown that made us champions and un-defeated for the season.  We were so ecstatic that my great friend Dennis actually ran to the guy in the end zone and picked him up and told him he wanted to F__k him!!  (Homosexuals weren't even on the radar then and we were all gay then in the true sense of the word.)   Till this day my buddy and I still get a kick out of his reaction to that moment in time…

Well I can't say that I felt as ecstatic as Dennis was then, but last night at the Republican debate after Newt set the media and America straight,  I wanted to just hug the guy.   So exciting to actually see a conservative go on the offensive against Obama’s media on the national stage.  

Since the onset of TV, we have been in the age of electing only younger, better looking and charismatic people to the Presidency.   Newt has more qualifications than any one but he can not be elected because of the American Idol mentality of a good percentage of the electorate.  What a shame and what a loss for our country.  See ( Case Closed [1] )  

Experience, intellect and his knowledge of how to make ‘the big plays’ gives Newt Gingrich claim to the title of quarterback of not just the Republican party, but of Team America which was envisioned and created by the founding fathers.

Last night Newt scored the first ‘touchdown’ of the 2012 political season, unassisted.   And if the Republicans plan on winning this season, they had better stay on the offensive and follow the lead of their star player.

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