–  The Bottom Line  –

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results." 
– Albert Einstein

Of course Einstein was dead on with this observation.  But I differ with just about most people including all the 'experts' and media types when they apply it to Obama's efforts as President.

Barack Obama does not expect a different result from any of his failed efforts.  They are indeed failed efforts, but only to most Americans.  To Barack Hussein Obama they have been and continue to be very successful in achieving exactly what he intended them to do.  

No, this is not about a conspiracy or any 'far right' opinion.  This is about the facts and the realities of 2.5 years of Obama's efforts and policies.  Barack Obama is far from 'brilliant' and anyone who thought that he was brilliant needs to better understand the words meaning.   But Obama is not an idiot and he is not insane so the fact that he keeps 'doing the same thing, over and over again' and achieving the same results can only mean that the results are exactly what he wants.

But as they continue down their losing road, the 'good guys' still insist on giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and God forbid someone is actually 'bad' and not concerned for the welfare of others.  After all, doesn't everyone follow 'The Golden Rule?'

Barack Hussein Obama, along with the rest of histories narcissistic leaders, has no regard for The Golden Rule.   He is on a mission to break the back of 'The Great Satan' and so far he is doing an excellent job.  

So wake up 66 million Americans.  Next November you will have the opportunity to correct your abysmal mistake at the voting booth.  And by the way if you haven't learned by now:





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