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Good Muslims – Sex by ‘The Book’

–  The Bottom Line  –

The Koran and The Hadith together represent the word of Allah, the Islamic god and the teachings of Mohamed, the Islamic prophet.  To be a 'Good'  Muslim one must follow these books faithfully.   Amongst other things, women, marriage and sexuality are presented and defined for all Muslims in 'The Book.'

On the world stage there are but a few communicators who understand Islam and have no reservations about educating others about the realities of it.  Unfortunately, the Internet is the only place where most of this education is happening.

Among these WWIII warriors is Ms. Ann Barnhardt.  It doesn’t get any clearer or more straight forward than her understanding and her delivery of the issues of the day.  Her first  ‘lesson’ was about the Koran and went viral on YouTube  (here [1]).   After this video 'enlightenment’, no one could honestly say that The Koran was “holy book” or that Islam was a religion.

In her latest exercise on educating the uneducated on Islam, she graphically depicts what a civilized world is all but ignoring.  And she brings to the forefront the insanity of the Western world’s suicidal treatment of its confessed enemy; Islam.

To most of the civilized world who view this, they will find most of this unbelievable and conclude that Ms. Barnhardt is a crazy bigot.  And they will be half right.  All of what is exposed here is unbelievable.  But what is even  more so is the fact that the civilized world is unaware or simply disregarding these realities.  Shame on them.  They must wake up soon or they and their families and civilization will pay the ultimate price of ignorance…

Watch & Learn & Be Totally Disgusted….



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