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The major weapon in WWIII, the War on Islam, is propaganda.  Except for the period during the Crusades, Islam has dominated and controlled most of the propaganda over its 1400 year history.   Nothing has changed, even since 9/11, save for the Internet.  Just maybe God allowed us to discover The Internet in order to defeat ‘the devil incarnate’, Islam.   The Internet is currently the only place where the truth about Islam is on display.  

There are a few brave warriors out there risking their very lives trying to deliver the facts and the realities of the enemy.  An enemy who thus far has been very successful at hiding under the so far impenetrable cloak of religion.  It is a shame that we ignore or forget such time proven warnings of those who came before us, especially The One who understood evil more than any other:

The Lord Jesus Christ warned His followers,Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves”

The latest warrior to join the short list of WWIII heroes is Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament.  He recently delivered a rousing speech in Germany, warning the German people and all of Europe about Islam’s slow-motion takeover.   Freysinger’s political party, the SVP, seems to parallel the values espoused by America’s Tea Party.

Welcome Mr. Freysinger to ‘The War for Civilization’ (here)

All decent people thank you for your courage and your devotion to eradicate this evil.  An evil that has been allowed to grow and prosper for centuries.  An evil that has only produced death and destruction.  An evil that has destroyed men, women, families and countries.  An evil that celebrates death instead of life.  An evil that teaches its mothers to cheer on the death of their children.  An evil that knows no remorse.  An evil that destroys worlds in the name of its god.  An evil that benefits no one but the devil himself.  

A portion of Freysinger’s speech can be seen here, the full text of the prepared speech is available at the original post linked below.

Speech by Oskar Freysinger in Berlin
September 3, 2011

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