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The War on Death Wages On

–  The Bottom Line  –

"Our enemies throughout the ages have come and gone.   Only one has remained.   And since the very beginning it has declared war on us and it has won each and every battle.  There have been no exceptions.

Death is our most common enemy, our most lethal enemy, our oldest enemy, and our most devastating enemy.

And in an intelligent world – it is the only enemy."


–  The Only Enemy  – [1]

Scientists turn back the clock on adult stem cells aging
Posted by A. Angelic on September 22, 2011

Researchers led by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Georgia Institute of Technology have shown they can reverse the aging process for human adult stem cells, which are responsible for helping old or damaged tissues regenerate. The findings could lead to medical treatments that may repair a host of ailments that occur because of tissue damage as people age. ….

Adult stem cells are important because they help keep human tissues healthy by replacing cells that have gotten old or damaged. They’re also multipotent, which means that an adult stem cell can grow and replace any number of body cells in the tissue or organ they belong to. However, just as the cells in the liver, or any other organ, can get damaged over time, adult stem cells undergo age-related damage. And when this happens, the body can’t replace damaged tissue as well as it once could, leading to a host of diseases and conditions.

But if scientists can find a way to keep these adult stem cells young, they could possibly use these cells to repair damaged heart tissue after a heart attack; heal wounds; correct metabolic syndromes; produce insulin for patients with type 1 diabetes; cure arthritis and osteoporosis and regenerate bone.

“Furthermore, by rewinding the cellular clock in this way, we were not only able to rejuvenate ‘aged’ human stem cells, but to our surprise we were able to reset them to an earlier developmental stage, by up-regulating the “pluripotency factors” — the proteins that are critically involved in the self-renewal of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells.” she said.  …..


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