I worked at Republic Steel for 10 years, until its closing in 1983. The best line I ever heard there was when this young black kid was being reprimanded for the last time before being fired.

Predictably, the black youth said to the shop foreman, "You're firing me because I'm black!"

The boss said, "No, we hired you because you were black. We're firing you because you are useless!

–  The Bottom Line  –

The Bottom Line is that Barack Obama was elected because 'he is black.'  (Even that's a lie)   And although the black voters overwhelmingly voted for him, it was not the black voters who put him over the top on election night.  The percentage difference between Obama and Cain was approximately 7%.  Now I'll take any bet that on November 4, 2008 at the very least 7% of the non-black voters for Obama voted for him specifically because they wanted to be among the 'select' people that voted for the 1st black President of the United States. 

It's called 'Vanity' and it is one of the most common of human traits.   And voting for 'the 1st black President would place these 7% (it was most likely more) of voters 'historically important' and that was more than enough to sway their votes.  Like I always say and deeply believe; you can argue all you want but you can not discount the power and the influence of Mother Nature. 

Vanity like greed and other negative influences, is unfortunately embedded in the DNA of all of us.   Fortunately, most people are able to control these characteristics most of the time.  There would be no civilization if they did not.  So you have Mother Nature to blame for many things but in the big picture, She has everything under control, so far…

Back to the point.  Barack Obama will lose the 2012 election not because of the economy as most pundits are saying, although that will play a major role.   He will lose because the percentage of people who voted for 'the 1st black President'  no longer have this 'historical' notoriety to influence and bias their vote.   

So the above anecdote will become a reality in 2012:   "No, we hired you because you were black. We're firing you because you are useless!



David L Beamer





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