– The Bottom Line  –

Just too many coming in.  Don't know how to categorize them.  Is it news or a joke?  Is it real or is there really a parallel universe?

They're just too ridiculous to seem real and too serious to be funny.  It is indeed an 'upside down world.'  One that seems could only be created by the master of the parallel universe himself.  Only back in his day they didn't use the term 'parallel universe', he labeled it simply:

With so much of this happening daily in America, you have to start to wonder:

'Maybe neither God nor the Devil is in charge any more.  Maybe Mr. Rod Serling has taken over and everyday is a new episode….

The list begins. 

The complete list will be updated and linked at the new 'Rod Serling's America' Page  

 Stay Tuned…

 Ohio bans pork for all prisoners after Muslim inmate sues to get halal food

Ohio Now Allows Concealed Carry of Firearms in Bars

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