–  The Bottom Line  –

Shocked that the title includes ‘cannibalism’?  Then take a short break before you read this and journey on over to ‘This is Islam’ (HERE) and spend just a few minutes.  Check out the pictures and read down the  ‘very abbreviated’ list of just the latest atrocities.  

As sick and depraved as it is, it can be argued that cannibalism is driven by hunger.  So what drives Islam to command such sick and depraved atrocities over 14 centuries?  The answer is surprisingly simple;  A person named Mohammed wrote a book called The Koran under the pseudonym of Allah.  The rest is history.

Now that you see that ‘cannibalism’ may even be more humane than Islam, consider the following.

1.  Islam will not ‘reform’ or go away.  It has been around now for over 1400 years.
2.  Since Islam was founded, history has recorded approximately 270 million deaths (here) in   the name of the Islamic ‘god’ Allah.
3.  All killing is done in the name of Islam and Allah.  The cry before Muslims kill is "Allahu Akbar" paying tribute to their ‘god’ by killing for him.  "Allahu Akbar" means ‘god is great.’
4.  The civilized world has defined and understood the meaning of religion and the meaning of what a political ideology is.  Islam is a political ideology and not a religion.
5.  Islam has publicly declared since its beginning and continues to do so today, that it’s goal is to dominate all of the world and that there is no other option or choice for anyone.  The meaning of ‘Islam’ is ‘to submit. ’

6.  The recorded history of Islam is clear; death, destruction and conquest are it’s only significant ‘contributions’ to the world.   
7.  Islam is currently infiltrating almost every country in the world.  It's birthrate is on average 4 times that of the sovereign country.  As an example, the statistics show that by the year 2030, Europe's Muslim population will double that of today.   
8.  For a historically recorded statistical analysis of how and when Islam takes control of a culture under the direction and command of the Koran, please go (HERE).
9.  Although Muslims are not yet even 20% of the population of Europe, they already are demanding their own ‘Sharia’ law replace that of the sovereign nations.
10. Islam versus Islamism — a distinction without a difference? 

  There is no ‘moderate’ Islam.  There is only Islam: 

This list can go on ad-infinitum.  Fourteen centuries of evidence is in. 

There can only be one verdict;

 Time for Islam to Join Nazism, Fascism, and Cannibalism in the garbage heap of history.

The First Step:  Ban Islam in America.  


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