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270 Million Invisible Victims …

If you die at the hands of Islam, you are invisible to history.

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Another must read history lesson from Political Islam.  In a sane world, this site would be financed by the Department of Defense, similar to the  Propaganda arm in WWII.

Some historical reminders, right out of Islam’s own sacred books.  Plus a question no one ever seems to ask; what about the victims of this ‘Jihad’ thing that started 1400 years ago.   

Why is it that the history of the Native Americans, Blacks and other minorities can be told, but not the Kafirs (non-Muslims)?   Why can those victims have a place in history, but the suffering of the Kafirs is denied? Why do they have no history?

This denial of the suffering of Kafirs can be seen in how our history books are written. The rise of Islam is glorious, but the suffering of the Christians in Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, the suffering of the Hindus in Pakistan, the suffering of the Buddhists in Afghanistan are all denied. The victims do not exist in our history. If you die at the hands of Islam, you are invisible to history.

Indeed.  Some 270 MILLION people died at the hands of Islam.  (HERE) [1]

Here’s the Post:

The Victim's View of Islam
Posted September 20, 2011 at Political islam

…..   However, in Medina the town was half Jewish, consisting of three tribes. The Jews of Medina told Mohammed that he was not a prophet and this shattered his foundation as a prophet. Mohammed’s attitude about Jews went from being a spiritual brother to that of an archenemy.

Two years later the last of the Jewish children were kidnapped and adopted as Muslims, the Jewish women were sold into slavery and 800 Jewish males were beheaded. Medina was Judenrein, cleansed of Jews.

What are we to make of this well-documented event and the fact that it is only one of over 70 events of assassination, executions, raids, tortures, enslavements, battles and brutalization of the Kafir (non-Muslim) Arabs around Mohammed? All of this is recorded in the Sira (Mohammed’s biography).
The Muslim’s point-of-view is about this vast suffering is that it was a triumph for Islam, a victory and cause for celebration.  ….

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"From time to time people have asked me for a world map of all the countries in which jihadist activity or a jihadist presence has been reliably reported. This morning I had the bright idea to go to the World66 Travel Guide site, which invites you to fill in countries you've visited, and to use it instead to fill in (in red) all the countries where jihadists are operating today.

So here it is. I did it rather quickly, with a few searches of the Jihad Watch archives to verify that such activity had indeed been reported in various places. It's amazing that this supposedly discredited and marginalized twisting of Islam has spread around the world, isn't it?"  Source:  Jihad watch: Tiny minority of extremists world map

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