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We all know that Newt Gingrich is the most brilliant man for the job.  But brilliant is not enough for the big job.  You need something that no schooling or experience can give you; you need to ‘get it. ’   

‘Get It’ can be defined in many ways for many different purposes.  But here we’re talking about being the President of The United States.  The problem with many office holders and many with authority is pure and simple; they don’t get it.  They may be highly educated or have many years experience in office or at the at position, but they can not be good at what they do because 'they just don’t get it.’   Sounds pretty simplistic and confusing so let’s check out 2 a recent illustrations that all can understand.

Since September 11, 2011, Rudy Gulliani has been given credos over and over again for his job performance when NYC was attacked.   Now I think it’s a safe bet that was never schooled in reacting to this type of disaster nor had he any experience with anything remotely similar.  So then what made him capable of reacting in such an admirable and effective way?  


On June 12, 1987  Ronald Reagan, against all advice from ‘the experts’ around him,  gave a speech in Berlin and called on Russia to tear down the Berlin wall.  He also labeled Russia as an “evil empire” and refused to negotiate with them on their terms.  Now we all know that Mr. Reagan’s real expertise and training was as an actor.  No Rhodes Scholar or West Point training or anything like that.  OK he was Governor of California but ‘The Cold War’ was never an issue there.  So how did Ronald Reagan know so much more than all the experts and was able to end ‘The Cold war’ without a shot fired?

Gulliani and Reagan, lucky?  Of course they were; without luck there can never be any success at anything.  But most anyone who achieves high office is lucky, but the difference is that most don’t ‘get it’, Gulliani and Reagan did.  They had a moral and common sense approach to right and wrong and black and white.  Sorry intellectuals and academics.  There is no ‘Get It 101‘ to go to to learn it.  You either have it or not. It’s just that simple.  All the great ones have it.  Be it a Politician, an actor, a singer, a CEO, a mom or a dad.

Unfortunately, most that run for office at any level don’t have it.   Reagan was the last Presidential candidate to have it, Newt Gingrich is the latest.  Here’s a small sample;

"Imagine that by a 5-to-4 vote the Supreme Court decided that two plus two equals five. Under the current theory which the Warren court promulgated in 1958, the only effective recourse would be either, A, to get a future Supreme Court to reverse them, or B, to pass a constitutional amendment declaring that two plus two equals four.

Now I want you to think about the absurdity of this. I mean, do any of you seriously believe that five appointed lawyers decided two plus two equals five, that the rest of us would promptly change our school textbooks, change our accounting systems? I mean, some people may. That could well explain Obama's budgeting system." – Newt Gingrich-Value Voters Speech 10/07/11

Pretty simple logic.  And that's why Newt's brilliance stands apart from all others.  Because he gets it, he can take what is surely one of America's most serious self-inflicting problems and expose it in a way that makes it easy to understand for every American, smart, stupid and in between.   

And now that Newt has defined and exposed what was before camouflaged and unaccessible, we can approach the real problem.  From the simple example above, we can now re-examine the whole record of the 'Supreme Court' and now finally consider it for what it is; the opinions of a few lawyers who have no special wisdom, no special talent or creative methods of thinking or analyzing anything; moral or political.   The only thing that could be said about them that differentiates them from any one else is that they just happened to be in the right place at the right time when a President needed to appoint a 'Supreme' Court Justice.  Nothing else.   And we're allowing these lawyers to control the lives and culture of the people of America!  And how's that been working out?

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