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Wow. Now we're talking!  The hell with that ugly florescent bulb that the treehuggers are trying to force on us.  Here's 'the real deal' when it comes to 'making a better mousetrap.'

This ingenious adaptation of a 'light bulb' is HOT, and we're definitely not talking about heat. 

The Eco Light is an EL coated bulb made out of paper. This simple and minimal design removes the burden of packaging and disposal of used bulbs for a better environment. Their kitsch looks up the glam quotient and make them a trendy display. As the designer puts it, “once the paper bulb is no longer useable, consumers can simply change a new paper bulb for their lamp and the old one can be recycled. ”

The only thing is what to call it?  Check it out.  It's certainly is not a bulb; ( ' the glass housing, in which a partial vacuum has been established, that contains the filament of an incandescent electric lamp.')  Can't call it Eco Light' , there are too many and it's a broad description for the products.  Since we like simple, let's just call it an  'EPL –  short and sweet and it describes exactly what it is, an Electric Paper Light.   

Don't have all the specs such as how bright, life cycle etc, but it certainly is headed in the right direction.

See Original Post at http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/10/24/bulb-reinvented/


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