– The Bottom Line –

Make no mistake about it.  Obama had no choice.  Their were too many Americans involved in the operation that would expose Obama had he made any other decision.  Obama had to give the go ahead to take out bin Laden.  Any other decision would have essentially exposed Obama's true Muslim sympathies once and for all and ended his ability to operate from within the American Presidency.  

2008:  "Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney's private assassination team."
2011:  "I put together Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden."
2008:  "Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty, and must be captured alive and given a fair trial."
2011:  "I authorized Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden."
2008:   "Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary, and the detainees should not be interrogated."
2011:   "Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led to our locating Bin Laden."

So Obama gave the order knowing that sacrifices were part of the Jihad and that bin Laden would forever be a martyr.  To insure that his Muslim brothers (and Allah) understood this, he made sure bin Laden was given a full Muslim burial and that no pictures of the dead Muslim leader would be made public.  Only the live shots and videos would remain available to the 'infidels' and Jihadist to remind all of the Muslim icon; Osama bin Laden.

The death of bin Laden and other Muslim Jihadists is a small price to pay.  Obama, contrary to what most choose to believe, understands Islam and it's mission.  Like most successful Muslim conquerors before him, Obama realizes that deception is a key to defeating the enemy.   And the facts speak for themselves;  Islam has achieved more conquests since Obama (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and more to come) than they did for 30 years of terrorism lead by Osama bin Laden.

War against the infidel goes on in perpetuity, until "all chaos ceases, and all religion belongs to Allah" (Quran 8:39)

Ibn al-'Arabi declares that "in the Hadith [sayings and actions of Muhammad], practicing deceit in war is well demonstrated. Indeed, its need is more stressed than the need for courage." Ibn al-Munir (d. 1333) writes, "War is deceit, i.e., the most complete and perfect war waged by a holy warrior is a war of deception, not confrontation, due to the latter's inherent danger, and the fact that one can attain victory through treachery without harm [to oneself]."  And Ibn Hajar (d. 1448) counsels Muslims "to take great caution in war, while [publicly] lamenting and mourning in order to dupe the infidels."

And the fruits of his mission are being reported daily around the world as Barack Obama has helped to bring down secularist Middle East governments in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, with more to come.   And this all blindly reported by a media so ignorant and naive that their legacy can only be that they themselves were complicit in their own genocide by Islam:

 "There are none so blind as those who will not see."  Here's the glaring evidence that most choose not to see:

Barack Hussein Obama is empowering both the decline of America and the rapid advance of radical Islam across the Arab world. Will the mainstream media even notice?


Walid Phares says, “Barack Obama has essentially awarded half the Middle East to Iran and half to the Muslim Brotherhood”


Anyone else find it ominous that Barack Hussein Obama supports an Islamic organization that has declared war on America?


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