Talk about 'The Bottom Line.'   What would be your last words before leaving this earth?  I honestly don't know what mine would be and I'm guessing most people don't.  (And besides, like I tell everyone "I'm not going.  I don't like doing what everyone else is doing…")

According to various sources, including the book “Edison: Inventing the Century” by Neil Baldwin, hours before his death, Edison emerged from a coma, opened his eyes, looked upwards and said “It is very beautiful over there”

According to his sister who was at his side, the last words of Steve Jobs were: “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW”

Talk about leaving us with something to think about!

My guess is that it is a promo for a new Steve Jobs innovation under development over at Apple.  After all, Jobs was not only a genius at innovation, he was the ultimate marketer.  And so the ultimate marketer left this earth as he should have, with the ultimate promo 'tease.'   A few word sound bite that would resonate around the world and make everyone wonder what his last stroke of genius would produce. 

Now not only hardcore Apple fans, but now everyone will 'have to have' the next Apple product  not only for the innovation, but as tribute to the last stroke of the creative mind of Steve Jobs.  

What a marketing plan!  Wow indeed.  I wouldn't put it pass him if Jobs didn't plan this as soon as he found out he wasn't going to live.  The most creative marketing plan ever from one of the world's most creative minds ever.  Makes sense to me.

“OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.” –  They may not be the most famous last words, but you can bet they will be the most profitable…

Thanks Steve.  RIP



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