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Ross Perot said that "Common sense is not to common in Washington."  Well Ross you were absolutely right but a little too diplomatic with your observation.  The reality is that common sense is not to common anywhere these days.  That's why Pat Condell is one of the most popular bloggers on the internet.  100% common sense and 0% Political Correctness.

Of course to the useful idiots who subscribe to the PC version of the world, Condell is insane.  After all, only an insane person would bother to rely on the history, the facts and reality to form his argument.   

Condell uses the term 'politically constipated.'  Another great way to describe those who are more concerned about PC than civilization itself.   You see these people are actually believe that their opinion is Gospel and that no facts or truths can change it.  It doesn't matter what the realities are, their conjecture supersedes any tangible evidence.  The well being of others and indeed civilization itself takes a backseat to their ideology.  An ideology that can well be described as 'politically constipated' because the truth is that these egotistical morons don't give a shit about anything or anyone but themselves…

Here's Pat Condell:







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