–  The Bottom Line  –

"If you are engaged in war against The United States, you are an enemy combatant.  You have none of the civil liberties of The United States, you can not go to court.  Criminal defense is a function of being within the American law.  Waging war against The United States is outside of criminal law.  It is an act of war and should be dealt with as an act of war and the correct thing in an act of war is to kill people who are trying to kill you"  – Newt Gingrich . 

And let me add; the ONLY 'right' that any enemy combatant has, whether he is American, Muslim or comes from the moon, is the right to be killed at any time in any place and by any method we choose.

From www.GLOOG.us :

–  No Lawyers, You Don't Control The Wars  –

Incredibly amazing how lawyers have succeeded in brainwashing the American people. The latest evidence of this brainwashing is the discussion on torture and killing American traitors who have chosen to fight along side our enemies.  The American people have been so programmed that they have bought into the (very lucrative) notion that everything must be decided by a court.

This means two things:  1) The lawyers and lawyers with black robes, have increasing and never ending sources of revenue.  2) Virtually all decisions and policies of The United States come under the direct jurisdiction, influence and control of lawyers.  And being that lawyers represent only 1/3 of one per cent of the people, that makes America no longer a Republic but an Oligarchy.

Indeed it is Rod Serling's America.   It is beyond sane comprehension how suicidal the thinking is of the liberal progressives.   So concerned about the rights of the enemy.  The same enemy who has sworn to "wipe Israel off the map" and then overthrow America.   The same enemy who has been at war with civilized society for over 1400 years.  The same enemy that butchered 3000 Americans on 9/11 and since then has murdered almost 18,000 innocent people around the world. How dare us torture them in order just to save our lives, our future and our country!   How dare us kill the enemy!   General Patton and all those patriots who died for this country are turning in their graves.  It's time Americans start to be proactive with these suicidal anti-American morons.  It's time we tell them to get the hell out of this great country which they do nothing for and they surely don't deserve.   After all, if they continually try to destroy American traditions and values, then America obviously is 'not their cup of tea.

Here's Newt at the GOP presidential debate on November 12, 2011:


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