–  The Bottom Line  –

This video needs no commentary.  There is only one question.  There are two answers.

The Question:

Why are these subhumans and their cult of death allowed to exist in a civilized world?

The Answers: 

1. From a sane society:  'Islam must be extinguished immediately to preserve our societies'. 2. From an insane & suicidal society:  'We respect different religions and opinions':

Our Administration strongly supports the right of faith groups (Allah Akbar!) to open houses of worship, or community centers, in whatever location they choose, (even on top of the graves of the people they butchered) provided it complies with all applicable laws.  New York has long been America’s most tolerant and diverse City, welcoming the best, brightest, and hardest-working  (and most subhuman) individuals from around the world – no matter their identity or beliefs.”  – Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor NYC July 19, 2010  

Think about what an asinine choice of words this is; "…no matter their identity or beliefs. in any serious debate nonetheless this one!!!  (Read More…)


This 3.5 min. video is very disturbing in many ways.  After viewing it there can be only one response;

Why Are They Allowed To Exist?

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