–  The Bottom Line  –

Since forever I could never understand why on earth our veterans would ever need any financial help.  In a country that wastes billions of dollars a day on superfluous crap, these heroes should be the first in line for any financial aid.  And that means housing, cars, education, insurance, and any other necessity needed to live in America.  Not one dollar of the Federal Budget should be spent until ALL veterans are 'duly compensated.'  And 'duly' is the key word.  (post forthcoming)

But for now though, we are thankful of Americans who recognize the needs of our heroes and 'make it happen.'  One such group is Building Homes for Heroes.

Before an exuberant, patriotic crowd of approximately 1,000, Building Homes for Heroes welcomed home Army Sergeant Joel Tavera and family to their spectacular new home in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, November 19.



The event, which attracted high-ranking military personnel, including Army General Peter Chiarelli, Navy Admiral William McRaven, Army Major General Robert Abrams, Air Force Major General (Ret.) David Scott, Army Brigadier General Darryl Williams, Air Force Brigadier General Chip Diehl, and Gary Littrell (Congressional Medal of Honor recipient – US Army), all of whom attended specifically to pay tribute to Joel's extraordinary bravery, began with a magnificent procession along the flag-lined streets of New Tampa that stepped off from the James A. Haley Medical Center, proceeded through Lutz, and into the Grand Hampton development… {CLICK HERE TO READ MORE}

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