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Man those bad guys are good.  No wait!  That's not it at all.  The truth is that the Good Guys are so weak and stupid that any moron could influence and control them just by the mention of racism or religious discrimination.  Of course they will allow you to say anything you want about white guys and Christianity all day long.  You can even paint pictures of the cross in urine, no problem it's  just 'art' as opposed to a CARTOON of A MYTHICAL IMAGE which may offend the warped evil minds of Islam a 'religion of peace'…. 

So let's take a brief look at the latest condition of our Military courtesy of the bad guys; atheists, homosexuals, progressives and whores (male & female) who want to eliminate Christianity from America.  And let's not forget the socialist/Marxist/communists who well understand that in order to transform a nation, you must control the military.

1.  Women on the front lines:  Courtesy of the Feminist Lobby.   That's right.  Sorry Mother Nature.  there really is no real difference between a man and a woman.   OK there may have been since the beginning of time, but since Betty Friedan enlightened mankind in 1963 we all know better now…

2. Homosexuals in the military – or as I like to call it, 'Kids in the Candy Store.'  Just think for a second a you will see the truth behind this.  What red blooded 'straight' American male would not like to share the showers with viral, young and sexy ladies?  Didn't get it?  OK how about this;  ever meet a homosexual who spoke about fighting, going to war, or killing the enemy?   Let's be quite honest here;  this same group of 'people' who say they want to "serve their country with honor and dignity" are the same people who parade down our city streets on 'Gay Pride Day' almost naked and fornicating in full view  of EVERYONE INCLUDING OUR CHILDREN!3.  Now that they have succeeded in imposing #1 & #2 above, their next target in their destruction of America's military is Christianity.  Already lawsuits, the weapon used by their mercenaries-lawyers,  have been filed to ban praying at Military funerals, using the word Jesus, and eliminating crosses or any signs of Christianity from Military bases and outposts.  

And after they succeed at #3, what's next???

Here's the latest shot fired in the War Against the Military.

Shariamerica: Cross Removed at Military base

Posted by Pam Geller on November 23, 2011

There is a sickness of the soul, a moral illness that has infected our political elites, military brass and media quislings. America expends incalculable blood and treasure in Afghanistan to what end? To install the Sharia? To facilitate the killing of apostates out of Islam or the oppression and subjugation of women?

That cross should be lit up like a Christmas tree — this. is. just. so terrible. Fight back.

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