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Some people love to workout or to exercise or do anything physical daily to keep healthy and in shape.  This is indeed a blessing.  I am not blessed with this and chances are you're not either!

From 1st grade thru elementary school all should be indoctrinated into the greatest body and mind nutrient aka; exercise.   It should be the most important subject in our childrens formative years spent in grades 1-6.  Watch the scores skyrocket if Richard Simmons gets his way.

But for now, and until we finally redesign the educational system with common sense in mind, most have the bad habit of inactivity which we continue to 'nourish.'

Well hope is on the way for us indoctrinated couch potatoes with the discovery of new hormone dubbed "irisin", (as a nod to the Greek messenger goddess Iris for its ability to send information to surrounding body tissue) which results in mimicking the benefits of exercise!



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