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"We were mind boggled with this," Dr. Huard told CTV News.

Amazing and very rare words coming from a research scientist, a group who are among the most reserved when it comes to making breakthrough announcements.

Once again the real heroes of mankind are at it again.  At the University of Pittsburg Dr. Johnny Huard, and his research team have discovered a substance that may well be a fountain of youth.  In their experiments with mice, they discovered that muscle stem cells released a substance, called Factor X, which worked its rejuvenating magic all over the mouse’s body.  

Dr. Huard says he and his team were amazed with the results of this enzyme in regenerating failing organs and dramatically slowing the aging process in prematurely aging mice, doubling and in some cases tripling their life and good health spans.

'Factor X' — Have we finally found the fountain of youth?

Posted by Dr. Marc Siegel on January 18, 2012

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, humans have searched for the fountain of youth; the eternal spring that restores life and brings us back from the brink of death. That search has now taken us to the most unexpected of places, the laboratories of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Known for its collaborations and genetic research, this medical school has brought together Dr. Johnny Huard, director of their stem cell research center, and Dr. Laura Niedernhofer, a molecular geneticist who has famously focused on the DNA disruptions that lead to aging and the diseases of aging.   …..


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