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‘Real American Leadership in Action’ – Videos

–  The Bottom Line  –

How refreshing; Americans standing and applauding for substance, not skin color and empty patronizing rhetoric.  These videos are inspiring.  I like to watch them over and over again just to reinforce the hope that real leadership is still a possibility.

In the last week alone, Newt Gingrich has had Americans on their feet applauding for none other than 'Truth, Justice and The Bottom Line.'  First in South Carolina Newt became the first candidate in Debate history to get a standing O.  Then again the audience rose to their feet for even a longer standing ovation at the CNN debate a few days later.  

This says two things; 1.  Newt has the mentality, the aggressiveness, the experience, and the proven track record to restore American greatness.  2.  Newt won both debates and the hearts of Americans by going on the offense.

The Republicans and indeed all of 'The Good Guys' are always playing defense to the constant barrage of lies and smears generated by the opposition.  You don't win anything by playing defense, which is why Herman Cain (See Shame) [1]is no longer even in the race.  And 'taking the bait' and forever playing defense is why 'The Good Guys' have lost their American culture to a self-serving group of anti-American and anti-religious narcissistic ideologues.

But this could all change with just a little bit of luck that's needed to make Newt Gingrich our next President. 

So sit back and enjoy the show; 'Real American Leadership in Action.'

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